Thursday, August 17, 2017

New Goodies + Tombstones by Sherry Matthews + More

Happy Weekend Everyone! We have several new goodies in stock as well as some restocked favorites! How about these Sugar Skull stamps! I'm loving the incredible detail! So many great uses for these wonderful stamps!


Feature Inspiration By Sherry Matthews!  
    Design Team Member Sherry Westfall Matthews has some wonderful tombstones to share with you today! Check out her blog post to see how she created her beautiful Tarot inspired pieces! And get a nice peek into Sherry's process. So awesome!

Inspiration By Kay Pierce!

And for even more Halloween goodness, check out this wonderful Pedestal by Kay Pierce! We love the placement of her flying bat, not to mention her kitty and pumpkins. Absolutely wonderful piece Kay!

More Tombstone Inspiration!

Sherry Matthews has received some of your tombstones, and is photographing them for our album on Facebook HERE. The creators of these fabulous tombs from top to bottom are Sherry Matthews, Kay Pierce, Vickie Kammerer, and Linda Cain! Amazing start ladies! Stay tuned for many more. Happy Hauntings!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

New Engraved Wood Cameos + Tombstones by Kim Collister + More

Happy Weekend Everyone! This week we have some fabulous new Engraved Wood Cameos in the shop! They measure 30x40mm and are the perfect size for several of the settings we sell (click the listings for links). Of course I love the Sugar Skulls, but we also have a fantastic Anatomical Heart and Halloween Mix too. Be sure to check them all out! 

Feature Inspiration By Kim Collister!  

I know many of you are working on your tombstones for the Retro Cafe Art Gallery Tombstone Swap! Design Team Member Kim Collister has some wonderful tombstone inspiration for you today. Hop on over to her blog and feast your eyes on her spooky creations. You can find more details and supply links in her post! Hauntingly awesome Kim!

Inspiration By Susan Harkness-Williams!

I just had to share these stunning Circle Shrines created by Susan Harkness-Williams. We adore the placement of her House Shrines, and the finishes on both are to die for! If you would love to see these beauties in person, you can find them at the Artist Gallery Sunriver in Oregon! Here is a link to the gallery, and congrats Susan!

Inspiration By Sherry Matthews!

Design Team Member Sherry Westfall Matthews has a bonus post for you this week! Trick or treat? Well this is most definitely a treat! Sherry shows you another way to use those fabulous Tombstones and our ATC Box to make a terrific treat holder! Fill it with candy, art supplies, ATCs, and more. Hop on over to Sherry's blog for the sweet details!

Swap Reminder!

Just a reminder, tombstones for the swap are due at Sherry Matthew's studio on September 15th. That's 5 weeks away. So if you're playing and still don't have your tombstones, get those babies ordered!

Friday, August 4, 2017

New Charms + Charm Sale + Tombstone Inspiration by Linda Cain

Happy Weekend Everyone! We're experiencing some cooler weather this week, which is getting me excited for Fall and of course, Halloween! I know many of you are excited too!
This week we have several favorite charms back in stock, plus some brand new favorites. Plus, all charms are ON SALE! It's a great time to stock up.

Feature Inspiration By Linda Cain!  

Design Team Member Linda Cain is helping us get into the Halloween spirit with another fabulous Tombstone! We love the way she used her Finnabair Patina and Rust Paste sets! Those trees really look like they're part of the tomb! Fabulous!
Hop on over to Linda's blog for more details and supply links: 

And join in the Tombstone Swap too:

Inspiration By Kim Rayko!

I just had to share this stunning mirror created by Kim Rayko! We love her Dia De Los Meurtos theme, and her liittle skulls and roses were the perfect touch. Not to mention the cool skeleton hand on the back. Brilliant theme Kim! And such a cool decoration for the house!

Inspiration By Stampington!

We adore this project created by Sarah Donawerth of Stampington and Company using our Stand Up Steampunk Woman. You can find Sarah's complete tutorial here on Stampington's website:

Friday, July 28, 2017

Aged Crowns by Chrissy Colon + German Dresden

We have a huge German Dresden section, and several of your favorites have recently been restocked. Dresden can be used on just about every project, and you can even alter it with paint, inka gold, alcohol inks, and more. And even better, this week the ENTIRE Dresden section is ON SALE


Feature Inspiration By Chrissy Colon!  

Design Team Member Chrissy Colon shows you how she achieves her fabulous aged finishes on her amazing crown creations! She's had several requests for this technique, and now you can see the magic step by step beginning with our chipboard crowns! Hop on over to Chrissy's blog for the full tutorial. Thank you so much Chrissy!

Inspiration By Constance Taylor!

Constance Taylor is warming up for the Tombstone Swap with some amazing envelopes for her tombs. If her envelopes are this cool, imagine the tombstones! We love the idea to create envelopes too!
Come play with us! You still have time!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Tiled Treasures Technique by Sherry Matthews + More

Hooray for the 2017 Tombstone Swap! Lots of tombstones have gone out the door, and some of you may even have them in hand. We already have lots of amazing players, and the more the merrier! So who's in? Do you already have your tombstones? Plan to order and play along? Let's do this!

Feature Inspiration By Sherry Matthews!  

See how Design Team Member Sherry Matthews transforms some humble masonite squares into several masterpieces! Get the look of ceramic tiles with a few easy steps. You can view the full tutorial here on Sherry's blog:

Inspiration By Kim Collister!

We are in love with these Skinny Paint Brush Dolls by Design Team Member Kim Collister! They are perfect with our Doll Head Paper Cuts and more. Kim had these beauties in her Etsy Shop, and although most of them have sold I think she has one left. Find Kim's shop HERE.
So wonderful Kim!

Tombstone Inspiration By Linda Cain!

Design Team Member Linda Cain is already creating magic with her tombstones! We love this piece just exploding with DOTD goodness! Linda was nice enough to whip up a tutorial too! Check it out here on her blog:

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Halloween Goodies + Tombstone Art SWAP

Happy weekend everyone! Not only do we have lots of amazing new Halloween goodies in the shop, we are having a 2017 Tombstone ATC SWAP! And our very own Sherry Matthews is hosting this year! If you've played in the past, you know this swap is a ton of fun! We hope you will join us! 

Feature Inspiration By Kim Collister!  

Design Team Member Kim Collister has a fun and funky project for you, jam packed with creativity. See how she transformed our Paint Brush Doll Kit into something wonderful and whimsical! Find the full details here on Kim's blog:

Tombstones below by Kim Collister

Tombstones below by Mary Jane Chadbourne

Friday, July 7, 2017

Paint Brush Doll Totem By Linda Cain + More

Happy weekend everyone! We hope you had a safe and wonderful 4th of July! 
We have several new goodies in the shop, including some IOD molds. Scroll down for a fun project by Linda Cain for some inspiration! 

Feature Inspiration By Linda Cain!  

Design Team Member Linda Cain has a fabulous project for you! See how she transformed her Paint Brush Doll into a fantastic Totem. We especially love the sweet face Linda created, and her doll's whimsical hair. So wonderful! You can find the supply links and more photos on Linda's blog here:

More Inspiration By Linda Cain!

Here's a wonderful bonus post by Linda showing you a fantastic way to combine Finnabair Waxes, Paper Clay, and IOD Molds! You can learn more about Linda's stunning piece here:

Friday, June 30, 2017

Dia De Los Muertos Cats + Santos Shrine By Chrissy Colon

Happy long weekend everyone! Can I just tell you how excited I am about our new Dia De Los Muertos CATS! Yes! There are 5 different styles, and they are available in Paper Cuts and Wood Cuts (for a limited time). Grab em' up while you can! Meeeooowww!

Feature Inspiration By Chrissy Colon!  

You don't want to miss this amazing post by Design Team Member Chrissy Colon! Sometimes projects tend to go in a different direction to create absolute magic. Chrissy's project is a wonderful combination of goodies from Retro Cafe Art Gallery as well as Sandra Evertson Relics & Artifacts. "Gabriella" is bright, bold, and beautiful! Hop on over to Chrissy's blog for the full details:

In honor of Chrissy's post, our Large Exquisite Santos Doll Antiquity Shrine Kit is ON SALE HERE!

Inspiration By Kim Collister!

Since we're celebrating all things Dia De Los Muertos, I wanted to give you another peek at this Wardrobe Shrine by Kim Collister in case you missed it!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Duo de Fridas by Sherry Matthews + New Shrine Kits + Frozen Charlottes

Happy weekend everyone! This week we have even more of our DOTD Shrine Kits available in a larger size! Our Flame Arch Shrine and Ornate Fan Shrine have so many design possibilities!
We also have several goodies back in stock, and some intact Frozen Charlotte dolls up for grabs! 

Need some DOTD Shrine inspiration? Check out the Facebook album from our 2013 DOTD Shrine Swap here

(Shrines by MaryJane Chadbourne!)

Feature Inspiration By Sherry Matthews!  

Design Team Member Sherry Westfall Matthews has a wonderful bonus post for you this week. Hop on over to Sherry's blog to see how she created these fabulous Frida pieces! Two necklaces and some earrings, fit for any artist. So lovely Sherry!

And while we're on the topic, I had to share Sherry's amazing Frida garden again in case you missed it the first time!

Inspiration By Linda Cain!

In honor of summer, here is a fabulous piece by Design Team Member Linda Cain! We ADORE the stamping she used to create the "scales", and check out the amazing "sea foam"! Gorgeous Linda!
Medium Octopus Sea Maiden Articulated Doll Kit:
And hop on over to Linda's blog for links, step-outs, and more awesome photos:

Intact Small Frozen Charlottes!

For my Frozen Charlotte lovers, these little gals are small, and completely intact! No missing limbs. Dolls in this condition are getting harder and harder to find. Grab em' while you can!